General Terms:

  • Our Emergency response teams are available 24/7.

  • Omnipolis exclusively offers prepaid services.

  • Omnipolis equipment and services are non-transferable.

  • Omnipolis is not responsible for its equipment in the case of any illegal tampering. In case of any tampering or damage, repair services will not be provided and a new unit will be needed to be purchased.

Payment Terms:

  • Payments are preferred via Online Banking Services or Payment Gateways.

  • Cheque Collection Services are provided at an additional cost. In the case of a bounced cheque, the customer is liable for legal action and cheque bounce charges.

  • Proforma Invoice is sent once the purchase order is received via email.

  • Tax invoice is raised and sent once the payment has been made.


  • To begin installation, the customer is required to complete the payment, and submit the Onboarding and Customer Information forms.

  • Installation is scheduled at a convenient time for the customer, within 15 working days of receiving the payment and the relevant forms.

  • If required, Foam boards or standing boards are provided for the installation, at an additional cost.

  • Once completed, customers are required to verify that the installation has been completed satisfactorily.


  • Omnipolis equipment requires 24/7 power supply. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this.

  • In the case of power failure, Omnipolis equipment has a minimum 2 hour battery backup.

  • Omnipolis schedules monthly maintenance to service the equipment and check its performance.

  • Omnipolis will send an email 48 hours before the scheduled monthly maintenance visit to check the customer’s availability.

  • In case of any issue with the equipment between the monthly testing, Omnipolis will address the issue within 2 working days. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Omnipolis of any such issues.

Renewal Policy:

  • Omnipolis levies a yearly hike of 10% on the subscription price.

  • Omnipolis will inform its customers 30 days prior to the renewal date that their subscription plan is expiring and needs to be renewed, via email.

  • In the case that the subscription plan is not renewed in time, Omnipolis will revoke its services within 15 days and uninstall the equipment.

  • If the customer does not want to continue availing Omnipolis’ services, they need to inform Omnipolis by sending an email to [email protected], 30 days before the renewal date.